Friday, April 29, 2011

EDM310 Rap - Project 16

By Brandin Brosh and Justin Hyde


This one goe s out to Dr. Strange and the EDM crew,
‘Cause this wouldn’t be possible with out you.

Working hard 9 hours a week
I could do EDM310 in my sleep
Sometimes I see Dr. Strange when I blink
Yeah, I know what you think/
It is a bit scary
His beard is so hairy
When it comes to technology He knows what to do
If he taught me, I promise he can teach you
At the beginning I didn’t have a clue
Now I blog, tweet, and use Symballoo

Technology and education
feed it to our kids like medication
Today’s school system is like probation.

Most teachers won’t let kids think critically
They run their classrooms so politically.
If you go against the norm you brew up a storm
And other Teachers will start to stare and scorn.

This semester in EDM310
I learned so much I can’t even begin
A lab that is open at all times.
ask any question that blows your mind
More lab assistants than you can count
They will answer your questions without a doubt
It’s where you can find the class blog
It’s got all the information you’ll need to help you succeed
When you’re there you will see that we are going green
That’s all thanks to technology
‘Cause it’s the 21st century.

I don’t know, let’s find out
Don’t worry, we’re gonna get this figured out
Make sure you bring your brain
Don’t forget to turn it on/
This journey is gonna be a lot of fun

C4K C4C C4T,
Whatever it may be,
You better get it done weekly if you want a good grade like me.

The one class it’s impossible to procrastinate
if you do your work will be late.
Dr. Strange ain’t gonna let that skate
So there is no need to try and debate

Education and technology is a MUST
If you’re not with it
You better jump on the bus

Technology is the key to the future
Let your voice be heard
Don’t let ‘em mute ya.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

C4T #4 - Teacher Tom's Blog

I was assigned to Teacher Tom's Blog

Teacher Tom

Teacher Tom is a preschool teacher who obviously has a WONDERFUL gift. I have gone back to read his blog even when I was not required. He is the first teacher that I was assigned to that i felt I could connect with. He talks about things he does in his classroom to inspire and encourage children. He is always doing something fun and exciting with his children. THIS exact reason is why I want to become a teacher.


The first blog that I commented on was That's How Powerful We Are. This was a blog about being nice to one another. It had the basic idea of, "Smile, and the world will smile back." Each time a student complimented another student they added a paperclip to their chain. This compliment could be something as simple as, "I like your shirt." to something such as, "I love you." They continued to build their chain every day. The chain gets so long that it runs across the entire classroom ceiling! I thought this was pretty incredible!

This is what I said to Tom:

"Hi, my name is Brandin Brosh and I am in Dr.Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama.

I think what you are doing in your classroom is great! It's funny how something so simple can become so big. I love the fact that you created such an original idea to teach such an important concept.

I remember when I was in elementary school my teachers would say, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." This is a great way to encourage children to be nice to one another. Something as simple as telling a child that their shirt is cute can make their day! Since everyone is included it helps children not to feel left out too!



The second blog post that I commented on wasThe Superhero Team. It was about allowing children to use their imagination to create stories. Silva communicated with the class via the "communicators" they wore around their neck. Silver called and told Tom that the animals needed rescuing. Tom responded by saying, "We're on it!" From then, Tom allowed they class to create the story from there using their imaginations. He has everything documented with pictures as well! Really cool!

I replied by saying, "This was such a great post! Imagination can be so empowering! I love this! The classroom ceilings are really cool, by the way. This a great way to teach children the little things, like weapons are "against the rules." How neat! This is why I want to be a future educator. Children are so wonderful and they have the ability to brighten your day so effortlessly.

I love that you have pictures for each part of the story. It really brings things to life!"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Final Report on PLN

I began creating a personal learning network at the beginning of the semester. I used Symbaloo to create this network and have found it extremely useful. I have set the Symbaloo website as my home page so that when I open my Internet browser my connections to the world are immediately there. During the semester I have added and removed connections. I added ones that I thought were useful and removed the ones that I found weren't of much use. I have connections to all of my social networking sites, workplace connections, my e-mail, tons of different blogs that I have viewed during the semester that I enjoyed, stores that I like to shop, and other sites that I visit often. I think that even after this class is over I will continue to use my PLN. It has been very beneficial to me and has kept me organized during the semester.

Blog Post 13


The Alabama Learning Exchange, also known as ALEX, is design to assist teachers. It has eight different components. ALCOS is the first one. This stands for Alabama Course of Study. ALCOS provides links for all of the subjects in the state of Alabama. After you choose a subject you choose the grade level and this gives you the Alabama state requirements for what is to be taught on that subject during that grade level. Web Resources is a link to other resources, which are directed toward teachers. These links are meant to equip teachers with proper tools to help them become a better teacher. Lesson Plans is also included. This link teaches you how to properly write and carry out lessons in the classroom. Other links includes professional workplace, professional learning, Podcast treasury, and Alexville.

The Alabama Learning Exchange is something that all teachers should take advantage of. Even if you are not planning to teach in the state of Alabama this website provides adequate information on many subjects that could be of much interest to teachers in general. ALEX is also very easy to navigate. You don’t have to visit it 100 times to understand how it works.


The Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide also known as ACCESS program’s goal is to create fairness through offering additional education programs for all of Alabama’s public high school students. This website has things such as test preps, website resources and even has certain course offerings. This website is a great way to engage students in their learning. It has TONS of useful information that is available to students, parents, and teachers. This website was also quite easy to use.

C4K 7,8,9, and 10

Mr. McClung's World
Investigative Reporting

Mr.McClungs World

Investigative Reporting was a video that talked about the controversy of a reporter being "sneaky" to retain evidence against a political figure. This reporter was investigating this person and caught him on tape bashing everything that he was supposed to stand for. Under the video he asked for people to comment their feelings as to if there were right or wrong. This is what I said:

"My name is Brandin Brosh and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently enrolled in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 course and was assigned to read your blog. I think this is a very interesting and highly debatable subject. In my opinion, O’Keefe didn’t do anything wrong. These political officials never say how they really feel on camera or on interview so how else would you ever find out the truth? It’s like when you catch someone in a lie and they get defensive and blame you. These are supposed to be honest people and there is no excuse for him to say those things. It’s not O’keefe’s fault for catching him. It is his job to catch these people in lies just as it is the public officials’ job to represent NPR or any other organization well, which obviously was not being done here."

Visit the link to the blog above, watch the video and tell me what you think!

Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog

Mrs.Yollis' Classroom Bloggers

April is Family Blogging Month in Mrs. Yollis' class and everyone is working on writing quality comments! Many wonderful conversations are going on in comment sections! Everyone is learning! We were assigned to explore Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog and leave a quality comment about what we thought. Here is my comment:

"Dear Ms. Yollis and Class,

My name is Brandin Brosh and I am a student in Dr.Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. One of my assignments was to analyze you blog which I will be writing about on mypersonal blog.

I have really enjoyed looking at your class blog. It is amazing to see how much students can learn with online blogging. Blogging also makes learning fun and interesting. This is my first semester having my own blog and so far I really like it.

After looking over your class blog, it reassures me that I will definitely be having one for my students when I become a teacher.

Thank you so much for allowing our EDM class to look over your blog."

Jaden is a student is Mrs.Yollis' Third Grade Class. You can see his blog here!

Jaden's recent blogs were written on going to the Celtics VS. Clippers game and about his new blog Mascot. Jaden inspired me to choose a mascot for my own blog. I chose my dog Zaylah!
Zaylah, my doggy

I wanted to make sure that I thanked Jaden for giving me such a great idea for my blog. I will also use this idea when I become an educator and have my students create their own blogs!

" Jaden,
My name is Brandin Brosh and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I am studying to a future teacher and all I can say is WOW! Your blog is quite impressive! I didn't start blogging until recently, but I have really grown to love it.

I really enjoyed reading your post about the Mavericks versus the Clippers. I love watching NBA basketball. Playoffs have just started and I am rooting for the Miami Heat! I love Lebron James. I used to be a Cavs fan until he switched teams. I have never been to a Clipper's game, but when Lebron was still playing for Cleveland, I watched him play in New Orleans versus the Hornets! It was such a blast! I think that the Mavericks scored 27 and the Clippers scored 24 in the third quarter. I hope I am right!


By the way, I love your idea of having a blog mascot! That is so unique. I have commented on many blogs of both teachers and students and no one has ever had a blog mascot! I think if I had to choose a blog mascot, I would choose my dog. Here name is Zaylah. She is about eight pounds and she is black and white. She is a Havanese. You can see her if you visit my blog.. She is on my "About Me" slide show